Product Summary

  • The Vita-Aloe Complex with Vitamins B3 & E, Aloe Vera Concentrate & Fruit Principles, target imperfections on skin such as dark spot and hyperpigmentation
  • Specially designed for skin with marks and dark spots. Helps with hyperpigmentation and assists in even skin tone
  • This cream is infused with goodness of unique Vita-aloe complex and triple sunscreens to give you a spot-less glow giving you glowing skin
  • The Glow & Lovely Anti-marks Spotless Glow Face cream fades different kinds of marks, has triple sunscreen protection and gives an even glowing toned skin
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED & PROVEN and suitable for all skin types
  • Its a brightening cream used for the face.
  • 1. Wash your face with GLOW& LOVELY Spotless Glow face wash. 2.Apply GLOW & LOVELY Anti Marks cream liberally on your face to discover your inner glow to reveal glowing skin