Product Summary

  • Glow & Lovely Instant Glow Face wash with Vitamin B3, B6, C and E, doesn’t just clean from the surface of your skin but it deeply* cleanses your skin and works from within to make your face glow
  • The insta glow face cleansing wash, is a nourishing and hydrating face wash which deep cleans the skin and removes dullness + brightens skin for instantly glowing skin
  • Gives you moisture from within for strong skin while maintaining a healthy glowing skin
  • Creamy rich lather with multivitamin shots, enriched with vitamin C, B and E for bright glowing skin
  • This brightening face cleanser washes away all skin impurities and boosts skin defense and is suitable for all skin types. Assists in reduce face pigmentation revealing brighter skin!
  • How do I use it? 1. Take a small amount to make a lot of lather 2. Gently massage your face 3. Reveal your glowing skin, instantly!